Overview - Real Estate

Coldwell Banker High Country Realty and the Modern Rustic Living Real Estate Team have partnered to provide our clients with an extensive offering of land, lots, acreage and ready to move in homes extending all across the Southeast United States. To begin your journey, you may wish to review our real estate offering categories as described below:

Land & Tracts

Offering a variety of real estate, from large tracts of rural land to large lots in gated communities to cluster developments. Whether your focus is on privacy or embracing community shared spaces, we have homes and properties available all across the country. Most of our real estate offerings are in the Smoky Mountains and Tennessee Valley, which includes the North Georgia, Tennessee and Carolina mountains.

Cottages & Cabins

As licensed realtors in Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas, we can help you find the perfect cottage, cabin or weekend get-away. This could be a single-owner property or through a partnership with estate planners, we can help you structure multi-family ownership property that would reduce the required investment by shared ownership with two or more buyers.

Estate Homes

Having designed and built many estate size homes, we have earned a reputation for understanding the needs of our most discerning clients. We take this knowledge and experience and use it to advise our home buying clients who choose to purchase an existing home rather than build. For example we understand the importance of adequate space both inside and outside to entertain friends, family and clients. We also understand the importance of accommodating media, security and connectivity throughout your home that will support expanding technologies.

Distressed & Foreclosed Properties

Many of our clients want to take advantage of the current economy by exploring the availability of homes or land owned by highly-motivated sellers, foreclosed properties, REOs (Real Estate Owned or bank-owned properties) and short sales. While there can be a significant cost advantage to the buyer with these types of properties, there are also significant challenges associated with acquisition and title transfer. Fortunately, at Modern Rustic Homes, we understand how to maneuver through these challenges and provide experienced counsel with our team of real estate professionals.

While many distressed properties may be vacated in disrepair or even in an unfinished state, Modern Rustic Homes also provides a "Finishing Service" which includes the cost of repairing or finishing the home as part of the transaction. We begin by identifying the cost of acquisition and add the cost of finishing the home by including your selection of finish options (like interior materials, color selection, flooring, appliances or even the exterior finish), which results in providing you with a completed custom home at a savings of up to 35% when compared to new construction alone. The net result is a great buy and a finely finished home ready to move in. All of this is made possible by the combined services provided by Modern Rustic Homes.