Finding a Home Already Built - From Start to Finish

Some of our clients prefer to consider a previously built home. This may even include a home that is in need of repair or a home that is partially constructed. The professionals at Modern Rustic Homes are available to show you these homes and/or provide the additional construction services to finish the home. In either case, the following steps will walk you through the process we use for finding your new home:

Step One: The Interview

The initial interview for a Real Estate Client is similar to the Design/Build interview. We begin by asking you to describe what you want, including a discussion on the following:

Step Two: Financial Considerations

While we do have some clients that pay cash for their new home, most of our clients finance at least some portion. Therefore the first objective is to secure financing. We can walk you through the steps to secure financing and help you to prepare for an interview with a Financial Consultant. This extra step of coaching from the Modern Rustic Homes Team give you insights into which Financial Consultant will be best for you.

See a list of our preferred lenders.

Step Three: Finding Your Home

Many of our clients choose to use our online property search before scheduling their first appointment with us. This provides some insights into what is currently available in the market and helps us narrow down the search to a few specific homes or properties that you may want to see.

Once you have done your research, give us a call to schedule a house (or property) tour. We can be reached at 706-273-7140 Monday through Friday from 9:00AM till 5:00PM and on Saturday from 9:00AM till 4:00PM.

Step Four: House/Property Tour

Once we have narrowed the list of available homes or properties down to a handful, we will schedule a time for the site visit. Many of these properties offered by Modern Rustic Homes are in large lot gated and secured communities and do not allow access without an escort, so make sure you schedule your tour ahead of time so we may make arrangements for access to the property. We can escort you in one of our vehicles or you can follow us in your car.

After the property tour, we will narrow our search to the most desirable homes or lots by choosing 2 or 3 that best fit your needs. Your Modern Rustic Homes Consultant will then provide you with great details (property taxes, mortgage history, Comparative Market Analysis, etc.) on these properties so you may decide which property is best for you based on a comprehensive property history.

Step Five: Making an Offer

Once we have selected the property you want, your Modern Rustic Homes Consultant will help you structure and make an offer. The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) we provide you will help you decide the right price for your offer based on other homes or properties that have recently sold that are comparable to the property you want to purchase. We will assist you in strategizing the right offer, work with you in negotiating the best deal and make all the arrangements for any inspections, surveys and/or repairs you may wish for us to facilitate.

Once we have a binding agreement, we will work with the Closing Attorney to prepare the paperwork to transfer title to your new home. Congratulations!