Designing & Building Your New Home - From Start to Finish

Conceptual Design (Defining Your Vision)

Get started designing your new home.

Step One: The Interview

We begin our journey together by asking you to describe what you want. Give us examples of the look and feel that is important to you by showing us your collection of pictures, magazine clippings, web sites, drawings, sketches, etc. This allows us to better understand the building style and finish level that is important to you. After understanding your vision, we review your budget and expectations.

Step Two: The Land Whisperer

We believe a home should be of the land and not just on the land. Therefore it is important for us to visit your property to discover why you fell in love with it. We look for the best opportunity for views as well as the best approach to your home. We also look for any challenges that might be present that impact your budget such as a steep grade, rock where a basement needs to be dug, problematic soil conditions that could impact the placement of a septic system and/or any site conditions that may present challenges.

Step Three: Conceptual Design

After listening carefully to your ideas and understanding the property, we begin the process of hand drawing your home. The "Conceptual Design" includes the floor plans, basement (if requested) and all four elevations (sides) of your home. This process is interactive and includes several iterations as we share our work with you and go back and forth refining the design. This process may take as little as a few days or as long as a few months.

Step Four: Budget Confirmation

Once we have agreement on the Conceptual Drawings and knowledge of your property, we revisit the budget to make sure we are in alignment with your expectations. Now that we know your property and have a design and budget established, it is time to discuss how the project will be funded. If you plan to finance any portion of the project, we suggest you meet with your investment counselor or lender to make arrangements for financing. If you do not have a preferred lender or financial counselor, we are happy to make arrangements for you to speak with one of our preferred lenders.

Preliminary & Final Design (Refining & Documenting Your Vision)

Preliminary CAD (Computer Aided Design) Drawings

Preliminary CAD Drawings are produced for you in greater detail than the Conceptual Drawings. It is during this phase of the project that we validate the finish level of your home, making sure we clearly understand those finish selections that greatly impact the overall investment. This includes your floor and wall finish selections as well as the lighting, roof finish, appliances, and kitchen cabinets, just to name a few. We once again go back and forth, reviewing our progress and making any changes you may want until we have documented and produced a CAD Drawing that clearly defines what you want. Note that it is much easier to make changes on paper than it is once we start construction, so let's think this through together until we get it just right before we begin building your new home. Upon completion of the Preliminary CAD Drawings and a clearly documented finish schedule, we again validate our budget to include any changes you have requested to produce your final budget.

Final Construction Documents

At this point, we have made all the changes and modifications, and we are ready to go to final Construction Documentation. These include even greater detail than the Preliminary or Conceptual Drawings and include window and door schedules, section views, roof design, and wall and structural framing specifications.

We are now ready to pull permits and begin construction...