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It starts with your vision — that vision is then translated into a design that captures the look, lifestyle, and language that represents YOU. At Modern Rustic Homes, we have a customer centric process to design your new home based on your needs, including socializing, renewing, storage, vocation and avocation.

Get started designing your new home.

We start the process with the Programming. This is when you tell us what your specific needs and desires are for your home. It will include budget considerations, life staging requirements, energy consumption concerns, room sizes, site conditions, etc. In other words, it spells out what the criteria is for a successful design solution. The Programming will drive the initial design. These Concept Drawings are done by hand to quickly illustrate the room layouts and exterior elevations of the house. We use this as our reference point to confirm that we have listened to you correctly and established a design direction for the project.

Once concept drawings have been approved, we then draw the house using CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) to better define the structure. These Preliminary Plans are drawn at 1/8th inch scale, providing an accurate scale reference. It is typical to make numerous refinements to the "Prelims" in order to accommodate sight lines, furniture sizes, fenestration and site conditions. Remember, this is about you and your home, so we expect to make as many changes as are needed.

With Prelims confirmed, we proceed to Final Construction Drawings. These are drawn at 1/4th inch scale and have much more dimensional information, materials specifications, and construction details. The "Finals" are versioned so we can keep up with the revisions. Again, it is normal to make changes to the house drawings as the project progresses. We understand that it is not reasonable to know exactly what you want until you are well into the process. One more thing: we want the process to be fun and enjoyable for you. If you can describe it, I can draw it and we can build it.

Michael Grant, designer